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2017 Submissions

Title Screen Video Game Song

2016 Submissions

Reel Drum N Bass Song
Wahlsten Classical Song
Blast Drum N Bass Song

2015 Submissions

Hillbilly Blues General Rock Song
Astral Projection Trance Song
Last Whisper (1min version) Cinematic Song
Dance Deluxe Trance Song
Core Trance Song
Ayame Trance Song
MaisemaDNB Techno Song
Transform Trance Song
Ocean Avenue Pop Song
Night in Verona Dance Song

2013 Submissions

Beyond Summoner's Rift Trance Song
Orion Miscellaneous Song

2012 Submissions

Hope Classical Song
Where'd you go Miscellaneous Song
Melancholy Miscellaneous Song
Simpsons Theme Rmx Video Game Song
Path to Neverland Trance Song
Maneesh Drum N Bass Song
Dubious Drum N Bass Song
Live EMX (b.31) Trance Song

2011 Submissions

Kowabunga Drum N Bass Song
Tao Tao Grows Up Drum N Bass Song
A Moment of Your Time Dance Song
Spirit of The Forest Classical Song
North Beat Drum N Bass Song
Domajiggus Jazz Song
Remush Dubstep Song
Troll Dance Drum N Bass Song
The Classic Fable Classical Song
Darkest Step Dubstep Song
Lolo And The Battletoads Video Game Song
Iron Clubbin' Drum N Bass Song
Enter The Sun Drum N Bass Song