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reminds me of playstation one graphics and cinematics:) i like

mascothstudios3d responds:

Thanks. Will improve graphics.

Dont like anythin else in NG as much as of Leo & Satan. My all time favourite show. Wouldnt mind if hans featured more of my music in his creations:) big UP guys!


Sure looks and sounds epic...but i didnt quite follow. Seriously, i hope the next episode reveals something that makes this one make sence or something :D Other than that, its good.

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i listened many of your songs and this gave me something, the melody is soothing, all the right notes at the beginning, then went south with mixing of the pan flute (?), yet somewhat beautiful. Didnt get me to the next place. Your songs, nothing analogue about them. No livelyness...Dead reverbs as some older than me call them, so digital. Limited to zeros and ones. Well everything is at the end but you get my point. You produce much, but lack quality in most. Why not the other way around? Still i liked this. Id give it three and a half but it doesnt really matter here on ng. Id like to hear something you really struggled with and feel the struggle.

LawnReality responds:

Thanks for your honest feedback! I'll have to think about it. <3

Rare to find something so interesting here:) nicely done! A bit too heavy sidechaining, but the vocals come thru beautifully. I would have liked more analogue feeling but thats just me. Listening with headphones the main bass is taking like 30 maybe 40% of the whole spectrum. My headphones are not THAT bad. But i enjoyed:)

Pretty solid mix for a liquid dnb track, was hopin a bit more variations for my own tastes. It has depth tho, nice clean overall quality and for that it already achieves a 4 star rating. Some odd sick vibe still pushes thru here and there, so in addition, ill throw in half a star. Still lacks that something to get to the next lvl and it could be a bit longer. Add some dark color, dry, punchier drums and maybe a stronger/growlier/wilder bass line. But thats just my opinion. All in all Interesting:)

ganon95 responds:

Glad ya liked it :p this is actually based on another track i made that was twice as long, i liked the melody so i decided to rework it to make this song.

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Awesome, youre really talented. Id like to travel there. Ciriously.

This is...

beautiful. Cute, fragile. Next level reached. I really like the brightness, her eyes, everything. Something, just a tiniest bit, might be off with the cleavage. I may have seen/stared too much of those in real life so i know how "they" usually are there in that situation...but...im not sure, not far from perfect anyway so...its a ten. Naah its perfect. :)


My kinda girl.

Awesome, pure skill. Beautiful. This is goin to my fave list.


Athletic nerd.


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